Ashen Empires – Client Update (9/28)

Patch Notes 139.93

This update is focused on the video adapter issues and some other UI annoyances that people have reported. For new players, the launch and into game experience should be smoother. For existing players, your existing UI resolution will be used as the basis for in game location changes described below.


  • Windowed mode is resizable by grabbing edges of window frame or right click titlebar
  • Minimum window size (windowed mode) is 1024×768 + window frame.
  • Default new character UI revamped for 1024×768 courtesy of Era (Big Thanks!)
  • Fullscreen windowless mode is supported (alt-enter + video settings)
  • Fullscreen exclusive mode is supported (video settings)
  • Game windows remember their state for 3 modes (windowed, FS windowless, FS exclusive)
  • GlobalSettings.ini and UIConfig.ini are versioned (old/stale settings removed)

Bug Fixes

  • Hotbar hotslot items are grey when they shouldn’t be
  • Title screen images are warped or clipped for some screen sizes
  • PlayArea resets (/pa reset) it’s size when moving it
  • PlayArea no longer squishes when grabbing titlebar and bumping an edge/dragging
  • Game freezes on launch for some video adapters
  • Skills window doesn’t remember it’s width
  • Game freezes when resuming from screensaver
  • Video settings update their state when you change them in the menu

Thanks for your patience as we worked through these defects. Special thanks to all the help from testers who helped track down these pesky problems that weren’t always easily repeatable.

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