Spells: Soul

Spell NameSpell IconSoul Lvl
Bite of the Mosquito Bite of the Mosquito NoneSoul Rune 
Ranged attack, small damage over time.
Blessing of Malax Blessing of Malax 50  Soul Rune + 5 Runes
Increases the targets dexterity and constitution, but decreases intelligence.
Blood Harvest Blood Harvest 60  Soul Rune + 6 Runes
Allows caster to recover stamina at the cost of some health.
Blood of the Viper Blood of the Viper 40  Soul Rune + 4 Runes
Poisons a target for a set amount of damage over time.
Cannibalize Cannibalize 10  Soul Rune + 1 Runes
Restores your health by consuming the flesh of fallen monsters and animals.
Dark Matter Dark Matter 60  Soul Rune + 6 Runes
Fast High Damage to a single Target.
Degrade Degrade 40  Soul Rune + 4 Runes
Lowers the target’s armor class.
Enchant Leather Enchant Leather 20  Soul Rune + 2 Runes
Enchants leather for crafting.
Enchant Talenite Enchant Talenite 30  Soul Rune + 3 Runes
Enchants talenite ingots for crafting.
Exposure Exposure 40  Soul Rune + 4 Runes
Lowers the target’s armor class.
Faith Faith NoneSoul Rune 
Increases Target’s Dexterity and Armor.
Fortitude Fortitude 30  Soul Rune + 3 Runes
Increases the target’s constitution by ??.
Gloom Gloom 20  Soul Rune + 2 Runes
Darkens an area.
Kiss of the Vampire Kiss of the Vampire 40  Soul Rune + 4 Runes
Damages a single Target over a duration while healing the Caster for half the duration.
Leech Leech 20  Soul Rune + 2 Runes
Damages a target while healing the caster.
Light Light NoneSoul Rune 
Lights up a small area in the game (outside of town).
Misery Misery 40  Soul Rune + 4 Runes
Decreases the target’s stamina.
Raise the Dead Raise the Dead 50  Soul Rune + 5 Runes
Revives a fallen player and warps them back to their corpse.
Refresh Refresh 10  Soul Rune + 1 Runes
Restores the stamina of a target (cannot self-cast).
Repair Leather Repair Leather 20  Soul Rune + 2 Runes
Repairs leather items and robes.
Soothe Soul Soothe Soul 30  Soul Rune + 3 Runes
Area of effect spell that lowers aggression of nearby monsters.
Soul Drain Soul Drain 10  Soul Rune + 1 Runes
Damages a target over time.
Soul Melt Soul Melt 60  Soul Rune + 6 Runes
Damages a single target.
Soulburn Soulburn NoneSoul Rune 
Ranged attack, Damages a single Target.
Summon Spectre Summon Spectre 60  Soul Rune + 6 Runes
Summons a lvl 50 Wraith to do your biding. Leadership of 80 is required.
Transfusion Transfusion 30  Soul Rune + 3 Runes
Heals a target by transferring health from the caster to the target.
Vitality Vitality 10  Soul Rune + 1 Runes
Increases the constitution of a target by 8.
Weakness Weakness 30  Soul Rune + 3 Runes
Decreases target’s constitution by ??.
Wrath of Malax Wrath of Malax 60  Soul Rune + 6 Runes
Damages a single target over time.