Aside from the warlike and evil humanoids that roam the lands, three peoples are the most commonly found in Dransik: Humans, Night Elves, and Orcs. Each race claims stake to numerous cities and villages throughout the world (though they welcome all into their city walls). Visit many cities and speak with the townsfolk – they are often willing to relay to you the story of their people.

You may choose to be any race you’d like when creating your character. Race changes are available for purchase from the store if you decide to change your mind later on down the road. When you leave Valinor Island the Steward will ask you to ally yourself with a town (Silvest, Whisperdale, or Krog). Each starting town is controlled by a different race, but you may choose any starting town regardless of your race.


The human kingdom of Krythan has controlled most of the known world since the time of the Rune War. Humans are clever and resourceful, but easily distracted. They excel at the magics and are very hardy little creatures. Human characters begin with a slightly more respectable reputation that other races.

Starting town: Silvest

Special Bonuses
1 bonus Orb in Intelligence for each 20 levels (Max 5 Orbs)
+5 Bonus to spell skills (body, nature, mind, soul)
+10 Bonus to Mage Weapons skills
Secondary Bonus – Stamina Bonus : Maximum 10%


Night Elves (or the Astari) are slender and nimble. They occupy towns throughout the forest region of Darkwood. Aloof and enigmatic, they emerge mostly at night. Night Elves are more agile than other races and can see in the dark – but they can’t stand as much physical injury. Astari characters begin with a neutral reputation.

Starting town: Whisperdale

Special Bonuses
Night Vision
1 bonus Orb in Dexterity for each 20 levels (Max 5 Orbs)
5% Bonus to Resist Magic (body, nature, mind, soul damage)
+5 Bonus to Bows, Crossbows, and Thrown weapon skills
Secondary Bonus – AC bonus : Maximum 10%


Orcs are descended from the invader’s army in the Rune War. Many live in nomadic bands but a few Orc villages can be found in the Plains of Krog and near the Medosk Mountains. Orcs are resistant to poison and need less time to rest than other races. Because of their violent tendencies, Orcs begin with a more disreputable reputation than the other races.

Starting town: Krog

Special Bonuses
1 bonus Orb in Strength for each 20 levels (Max 5 Orbs)
7% Bonus to Resist Poison/Disease
3% Bonus to Resist Large and Short Blade weapons
Secondary Bonus – Health Bonus : Maximum 5%