Spells: Body

Below is the Spell Book for Body Mages.

Spell NameSpell IconBody Spell Lvl RequirementRunes
Blessing of Arna 
Body Rune + 5  Runes
Heals 100% — Requires Idol of Arna
 Call of the Gods60  Body Rune + 6 Runes
High Heal and Cures Disease/Poison.
Charisma of Ulthian  10  Body Rune + 1 Runes
Attempts to lower the aggression of a monster attacking you (and turn it on a party mate …Very useful for healers).
Enchant Thrallenite  30  Body Rune + 3 Runes
Enchants Thrallenite ingots for crafting.
Fortify  20  Body Rune + 2 Runes
Increases armor rating of target.
Healing  20  Body Rune + 2 Runes
Heals target for a set amount of damage.
Holy Strike  60  Body Rune + 6 Runes
Fast High Damage to Target.
Holy Word  10  Body Rune + 1 Runes
Ranged attack.
Mage Storm  30  Body Rune + 3 Runes
Ranged attack with splash damage (area of effect, damages multiple targets).
Major Heal  30  Body Rune + 3 Runes
Heals a target for a significant amount of damage.
Mass Healing  60  Body Rune + 6 Runes
Healing spell with an area of effect.
Might  20  Body Rune + 2 Runes
Increases target’s strength by 10.
Minor Heal  None Body Rune
Heals target for a small amount of damage.
Protect  NoneBody Rune 
Increases armor rating of target.
Recoup Health  30  Body Rune + 3 Runes
Heals a target over time for a set amount of health.
Remedy  10  Body Rune + 1 Runes
Heals target over time.
Repair Iron  10  Body Rune + 1 Runes
Repairs metal items.
Replenish  NoneBody Rune 
Heals the caster.
Resurrect  60  Body Rune + 6 Runes
Revives a fallen player and warps them back to their corpse.
Resuscitate  40  Body Rune + 4 Runes
Revives fallen player and warps them back to their corpse.
Smite  40  Body Rune + 4 Runes
Ranged damage attack.
Stalwart Might  40  Body Rune + 4 Runes
Increases strength by 30.
Strike  NoneBody Rune 
Ranged damage attack.
Superior Heal  40  Body Rune + 4 Runes
Heals target for a great deal of health. (Reputed up to 500hps)
Touch of Ulthian  50  Body Rune + 5 Runes
Heals a great amount of points over time.
Valor  30  Body Rune + 3 Runes
Increases armor class of target by 50.