Spells: Runes

Runes are how Mages gain their power for spells. The more runes that a mage has added in their Mage Weapon the more powerful spells will be available to them.

Each time a spell is cast, the Runes used for that spell degrade, so make sure you have extra runes handy in your backpack.

Magic Classes
Each Magic Class has a unique specialty of spells. Click on each of the spell classes below to see the full list of spells available.


In order to cast a class spell, you must have that spells Class Rune active in your Mage Weapon. Read more about casting spells here.

You can find runes from creatures you kill or buy them from mage shops or trade with other players.


Class Runes
Rune of Body. Approx 200 uses.
Rune of Nature. Approx 200 uses.
Rune of Mind. Approx 200 uses.
Rune of Soul. Approx 200 uses.
Secondary Runes
Rune of Ulthien. 100 uses.
Rune of Agon. 100 uses.
Rune of Kuthos. 100 uses.
Rune of Malenox. 100 uses.
Rune of Isos. 100 uses.
Rune of Sabal. 100 uses.
Rune of Veldan. 100 uses.
Rune of Malith. 100 uses.