Travel in Ashen Empires is largely done on foot. There are portals throughout the world that allow you to teleport between major cities and social hubs. Teleport stones, which are available at the store, are handy items that will allow you to travel quickly between cities and locations.

Lotor’s Portals
King Lotor commissioned several large, granite portals like the one pictured below. These portals are close to major cities and all lead to Lotor’s Summar Palace, a large gathering place and social hub of the world. There are Lotor’s Portals to the cities of: Silvest, Krog, Whisperdale, Parian, Khafra, Rahura, Valmond, and Josody.

A portal to the outlying city of Valmond.

Blue Portals
There are 6 Blue Portals in the world. These are usually located a short distance from town.

Blue Portal

– Josody to New Korelth
– Parian to Vrethpool
– (Criminal) Redwake/Josody to Parian/Arda

Arena Viewing Portals
To view the Guild Arena, you must enter through one of two portals. One is south of the town of Parian. The other is west from the town of Desprail. These are large granite portals, similar to Lotor’s Portals.

Boat Travel
If you have the Tides of Fate expansion, you can also use the many docks throughout the world to travel from place to place on a boat. 

The Map
There is a map for the world as well as for dungeons; each can be resized and zommed in/out. Maps helps you see an area of the world that you have already explored. Purchasing “Map Reveal” or “Dungeon Map Reveal” from the store will remove the fog of war from your map which will allow you to travel with clear sight.

By right clicking on the map you can create a custom text tag. Right clicking on the tag will let you clear or rename it. Each level of zoom has its own tags, so you can create tags for specific areas or for entire islands

The Sextant
Some players use the “sextant” item, which everyone receives as a beginner, to help them navigate. The sextant will return a coordinate of your exact location at the time of its use into the chat box located in the bottom of your screen. Use this handy item to make a list of important locations such as prime hunting grounds and group meeting points.

Use the Sextant