Expansion: Tides of Fate

Your adventures in Tides of Fate will be born upon a vessel!

Whether you sail towards peril or profit is up to you, or perhaps the whim of the ocean current! All sailors will receive a bare raft they can use to sail to new lands. Those that want to put a little bite in their sails can swap their gold for more powerful crafts: the Junk ship, the Galleon, and the Frigate.

Equip your craft with cannons, cannonballs, and a sail to do battle with the fierce creatures of the sea and other sailors!

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The land-lubbers who prefer hand to hand combat will have access to powerful skill-based Feats upon reaching level 100. Some feats are used in battle, but others permanently boost your abilities.

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The Ship’s Bell is your path to ocean adventures

There are scores of new enemies to battle, dungeons to explore, and items of awesome power and wonder to wield. Dozens of unique, hand-written quests will have you solve the mystery behind Arna’s bells, wade into the dark, bloody history of the Dransik Trading Company, and even help garner business for a fledgling tavern. What are you waiting for? The wind is beckoning you towards new adventures!

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Battle through sunken watery dungeons
Travel to exciting new cities
Explore the Dwarven mines
Venture to the end of the world
Search for the treasures of the ruined temples
Battle fearsome enemies