After level 100 your character is able to start learning feats, which may augment your character’s abilities. To access Feats, you will need to have the Tides of Fate expansion as well as player level 100.

Feats Window
Press “I” in game to bring up the Feats Window.


Kinds of Feats
There are two general kinds of feats: passive and active. Passive feats give bonuses that will apply automatically. For example, the Body Magic feat Lay Hands gives a bonus 5% healing per point for all healing spells. This applies whenever you cast a healing spell without the need to activate the feat.

Active feats require that you use them in combat to activate them. Active feats often have a timer which you can see on the icon.

Obtaining a Feat
You are not restricted to the number or kind of feats you can learn! To gain a feat, you first need to get enough experience for a feat point. Feat experience can be earned any way that you gain overall player level experience: crafting, quests, combat, etc. When you open you Feat window, move the slider to a %. This will split how much experience goes to overall level and how much goes to feat experience.

For example: I just turned level 100 and I want to get a feat point fast! I open the feat window and move the Feat slider to 100%. From now on until I change the slider, all of my experience will go towards Feat experience instead of my level. Once I have a feat, I decide now I want to focus on reaching level 101. I move the slider to 0%. I won’t get any experience for feats.

This experience is earned instead of base experience, however, so please note that you will gain overall levels more slowly if devoting part of your experience to feats.

Once you reach 110, all experience earned will automatically go towards Feats.

Using a Feat
To use an active Feat, drag the Feat icon from the Feat window to a Hotbar. Equip the correct weapon. Press the Icon or corresponding Hotbar key to activate the feat.

Feat Hotbar

For example: To use the Small Blades feat Backfist, drag the Backfist icon to a Hotbar. Equip a small blade weapon such as a dirk. The feat will be greyed out on the Hotbar unless you have the correct weapon type equipped.

Your skill level doesn’t matter when it comes to feats. You can have level 0 in Small Blades and still be able to train and use the Small Blades feat.

Feat List

Level 1
PsycokineticsNone(Passive) Increase Mind spell damage against creatures by 5% per feat point
Deep FlayNone(Passive) Adds 10% damage per feat point to creatures when using Mind Flay spell
Mage Weapons
Level 1
Mystic BoltNone(Active) Summon a Magic Missile doing 1-5 damage per feat point
Level 2
Boost Magic Missile5 points in Mystic Bolt(Passive) Add 1-5 un-resistible damage to each magic missile per feat point
Level 1
Lay HandsNone(Passive) Increase Body Heal spells by 5% per feat point
Divine CallingNone(Passive) Adds 10% damage per feat point to creatures when using Holy Strike spell
First Aid
Level 1
Field MedicNone(Passive) Increases First Aid healing by 5% per feat point
Level 1
Bow BashNone(Active) Bashes your opponent for 5-10 Blunt Damage per feat point
Level 1
Quick ShotNone(Active) Ranged attack for 2-12 Pierce Damage per feat point
Level 1
Dark AmplifyNone(Passive) Increases Soul damage and damage over time spells by 10% per feat point
Amplified MatterNone(Passive) Adds 10% damage per feat point creatures when using the Darm Matter spell
Level 1
ContinuumNone(Passive) Increases Nature over-time and buff spell duration by 10% per feat point
Thrown Weapons
Level 1
Blanket PartyNone(Active) Bash your opponent at close range for 2-10 damage per feat point
Unarmed Combat
Level 1
Razor KickNone(Active) Kick opponent for 5-15 Cut damage per feat point
PvP Combat
Level 1
PVP Exp BoostNone(Passive) Increases PVP experience gained by 10% per feat point
Level 1
Side SwipeNone(Active) Bashing attack doing 5-15 Blunt damage per feat point
Side Swipe Range5 Points in Side Swipe(Passive) Increase the range of Side Swipe by 1
Small Blades
Level 1
BackfistNone(Active) Smashes your opponent for 5-15 damage per feat point
Large Blades
Level 1
BashNone(Active) Blunt damage attack for 5-15 damage per feat point
Defensive ParryNone(Active) Increases Cut resistance by 2% per feat point for 2 seconds per feat point
Blunt Weapons
Level 1
Skull FractureNone(Active) A striking attack doing 5-15 pierce damage per feat point
Level 2
Bludgeon5 points in Skull Fracture(Passive) Increases Skull Fracture damage by 25%
Level 1
CleaveNone(Active) A wild swing of your axe doing 5-15 damage per feat point
StompNone(Active) Kicks your opponent 5-15 blunt damage per feat point