Combat in Ashen Empires requires strategy that will change based on the monsters you are creatures or players you are fighting, your weapons/armor and spells, and your skill set.

Remember there is no limit to the number of types of skills you may train. However, your character’s orb build will determine which skills you will excel at. Read more about orbs and skills.

Basic Commands
Here is a listing of the basic commands that relate to combat.

Keyboard CommandDescription
BOpens your backpack which is where you carry equipment with you.
EOpens the Player Screen which shows your equipment and stats such as orbs, level, resistances, to hit, and DPS.
FOpens the Follower menu which is where you direct NPCs under your control.
MThis opens the world map which shows you where you are, where you died, and the location of party members
PThe Party menu lets you manage your party if you are the leader, invite other players to a party, and set up loot/gold drop options.
QEnter Attack Mode. You must be in attack mode to attack. Your arrow will change from green to red to signal you have turned on attack mode.
TTarget Protection. Target protection “On” will prevent you from attacking NPCs, other players, and friendly animals (hostile creatures have red names). Press “T” to turn off target protection.

See the Alignment page for more information on what will happen to your character’s alignment if you choose to attack friendly creatures.
VThis opens the Rune Case/SpellBook. The Rune Case is where you place runes to cast spells. The Spell Book holds all spells which you must drag to a Hotbar before casting.
KThis bring up a list of all of your skills. For more information about skills, check here.

Melee combat includes all non-magical combat. To attack a creature, first make sure that you have a weapon equipped. If you are firing a ranged weapon such as a sling, a bow, or crossbow, make sure you have the right ammunition equipped. Simply click on the weapon / ammo in your backpack that you wish to equip.

Press “Q” to enter attack mode then left click the creature select it; the frame should now be red. Once you have selected it you must be within range for your weapon of choice.

There are many types of weapons you can use in battle. The more you train with a particular weapon type or spell class, the more damage you will deal with that weapon. You can even fight with no weapon if you are truly brave. Below is a table of the combat skills you can train and examples of the types of weapons that can be used with that skill.

Archery ClassesTypical Weapons
BowsVarious Bows
CrossbowsCrossbows, Darts
Thrown WeaponsVarious Slings
Healing SkillTypical Items
First AidBandages
Melee ClassesTypical Weapons
AxesAxes, Halberds, Pole Axes, Picks, Ceavers
Blunt WeaponsFlails, Mauls, Clubs, Hammers
Large BladesSwords, Rapiers, Sabres, Scimitars
Mage WeaponsWands, Staffs, Sceptres
PolearmsBattle Staffs, Spears, Glaives, Lances, Tridents
Small BladesDaggers, Dirks, Falchions, Stilettos, Poignards, Gladiuses
Unarmed CombatFists, Brass Knuckles, Bracers, Tekko, Kempo Gloves

High level players with the Tides of Fate expansion may train and use feats. Read more about Feats.

Advanced Skills
Advanced Skills are available if you have purchased the Talazar’s Revenge expansion. You need to be level 105 and up to gain advanced skills. To gain an advanced skill, first speak with the Trainer of that skill. It costs 250,000 gold to learn the skill and can only be leveled using experience pool.