Player vs Player (PvP)

Server-wide Player vs Player (PVP) combat is a feature of the Heroes and Ascension servers. Legends server players may do battle with other players in arenas or on PVP Island, but may not openly attack one another.

Faction rules regulate some wanted rules and drop rules. Occupying towns gives your faction helpful bonuses to resistances, orbs, and health/stamina regeneration. Read about Factions here.

Wanted Rules
You can become a criminal in PVP by attacking someone of the same faction, attacking someone 20 levels above or below your level range, or looting the corpse of someone other than your guildmate. You can also become wanted by attacking a neutral NPC.

You will not go wanted for attacking an NPC of the opposite (not Neutral) faction or attacking a criminal player, regardless of their faction. If you are Neutral you will not go wanted for attacking another Neutral player.

Wanted (criminal) players have flashing grey names and will be wanted for 720 seconds. During that time, a wanted player can’t use a bank, may not enter player maps in Dungeons of Dransik, and cannot use Lotor’s portals. If a wanted player is killed by the guards they will be sent to Jail. Wanted players must wait 20 additional seconds to logout, and during that time guards shout “The wanted player [name] is trying to leave the world!”

Wanted players have special drop rules, as well. If they die to a player they will drop their backpack and one piece of their own (not looted) pieces of equipment.

Drop Rules
When you die to a monster, you will only drop your backpack. If you die to a player, the rules are a bit different.

If you die while wanted, you will drop the contents of your backpack and one of your own (not looted) pieces of equipment. If you die to someone of a different or neutral faction, you will drop the contents of your backpack and have a 50% chance to drop one of your own (not looted) pieces of equipment. If you die to someone of your faction, you will only drop your backpack. If you die to someone 20 levels above or below you, you won’t drop anything.

Looting Rules
When you die, you may drop some of your things (see Drop Rules, above). You have 3 minutes to return to your corpse and claim your items (or you may choose to use a Summon Corpse). During this time no one can open your corpse. After that timer, anyone may loot your corpse. Guildmates that are Member level and above may loot your things and will not go wanted for doing so. Anyone else who loots your corpse will go wanted. Anything taken from your corpse at this point will be considered a stolen item.

Your corpse will begin to decay. After a few minutes, your corpse will go away and everything in it will drop to the ground. At that point, those items on the ground do not belong to you anymore. Anyone may take them and the items will not be considered stolen. They will remain on the ground for 5 minutes, then disappear forever.

The only exception to looting rules regards stolen items. For example, if you die with equipment or items you stole from someone else, the owner may instantly loot them as soon as you have a corpse. Likewise, you may instantly loot items that were stolen from you.

Stolen Items
When you take items from someone’s corpse that don’t belong to you, those items become stolen. For example, if you take a “Storage Crate” from Aaron’s corpse, it will now include the owner’s name: “Aaron’s Storage Crate.”

Any stolen items you have in your backpack or equipped will always drop to your corpse when you die to a player. Stolen items may be recovered by their owner at any point they are in a corpse – this disregards the 3 minute timer.

Stolen items that fall to the ground from a corpse remain stolen and retain their ownership. If someone other than the owner or the owner’s guildmates attempts to pick up the items from the ground, they will go wanted.

The only one who can clear ownership of an item is the rightful owner. Items that are traded or dropped purposefully by the owner on the ground are not considered stolen and are cleared of their ownership.

PVP Resistances
Normal (PVE) resistance rules allow you to reach a +65% resistance cap. There is also a soft cap that gives half bonuses after 50%. For example, once you reach +50% resist to Cut damage, an extra +2% from your new ring would only give +1%. Your player screen (press E to bring up) will show PVE resistances as “Before Cap%(Actual Resistances%)” in the right side of the window. For example, 75(65%) means my gear/buffs/etc could give me +75%, but my actual PVE resists are only +65%.

There are additional rules for resistances for PVP. You can see your PVP resistances by clicking “Resistances (PVE)” on the Character Screen (press E).

Your PVP resistances use the soft and hard cap discussed above and additionally are capped by your attributes (orbs). Each resistance is tied to an attribute. The number of orbs in that attribute determines an additional cap.

STR is tied to Cut, Pierce, and Blunt.
DEX is tied to Arrow and Magic Missile.
INT is tied to Soul, Nature, and Mind.
CON is tied to Body, Disease, and Poison.

With 0 orbs in an attribute, you could reach +25%. That is the base; you will receive +.5% to that base cap for every orb in the attribute that corresponds to the resistance.

100 orbs in an attribute will let you reach +65%.

NOTE: Orbs do not GIVE resistances; you gain resistances from armor, buffs, food, totems, etc.

Other PVP Rules
Anyone 20 levels above or below your current level is considered out of your level range. If you attack someone out of your level range, you will go wanted. If you die to someone outside of the level range, you will not drop anything.

Bonus health regen is reduced during PVP combat.