Expansion: Sands of Creation

The hot desert sand has blown in a new era for Ashen Empires! The Sands of Creation expansion pack is available for any and all…who are brave enough. Sands of Creation is available in one of four specially priced expansion bundles.

Welcome to Artonia
Long ago, the Artonian civilization was the most powerful in the lands…The technology, art work and buildings were of unrivaled excellence. Then, one day, it all ended. The great Pharoah Isodon decided to create a magnificent crypt for himself near the mountain of fire. As the workers dug into the soil, they discovered a large mysterious chamber.

From the darkness then came a force unimaginable…Dragons!

Young Blue Dragon

The Dragons sought revenge against the humans for opening their citadel which had been hidden since the creation of the world. In a panic, the great wizard Targoth conjured mighty elemental forces to battle the dragons. In the end, though, the Dragons destroyed everything, save a few old shrines.

It is in this bleak, haunting desert that you begin your adventures. Over baked sand dunes that stretch past the lip of the horizon, through vast marshes of buzzing insects and snapping jaws, and into cool carved stone tombs beneath the crushing weight of a hundred thousand years…you too will discover the Sands of Creation and the secrets that they hold within.

This knowledge will allow you to reach level 110.

At the peak of their civilization, the Artonians mastered the art of runecrafting – taming the very essence of magic itself! This ancient craft has been passed down for many generations, and now you have a chance to try your hand at it as well! Crush precious stones to make crystals and use the crystals to make runes or totems of awesome power!

With both Sands of Creation and Construction, you can call a corner of the world your own. You’ll be able to build your own house that any character on your account on that server can access.

Guild Leaders can also make one of four expansive Guild Halls. Turn it into whatever you desire; a spacious retreat, a cottage full of treasures, or perhaps a place to hold secret council. You can craft a variety of furniture, ornaments, decorations, and the like to make it your own.

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↓ Exclusive Sands of Creation Screenshots! ↓

A vicious Red Dragon guarding its nest
Discover the traditions and troubles of the ancient Artonians
Test your mettle against unrelenting foes of elemental mastery
Quell the blood-thirsty Artonian Rebel Army before it’s too late!
Explore the marshy river delta – home to the River Caiman