Ashen Empires November 20 Update

Patch 11.20.2022

A small batch to address issue with Disruption spell, as well as rebalance of the Scroll quests drop chance/exp reward. A targeting change was reverted and server issue with respawns addressed.


  • Changed Disruption resist check as it was irresistible <100 mind skill
  • Changed Disruption’s silence to 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds
  • Disruption should now message players when the effect wears off


  • Restructured drop chances and places to obtain scrolls
    • now solo drop chance from lvl appropriate mobs rather than placed in tiered loot groups from all creatures with that group
    • Problem with Bats – Infestation Black Widow Hatchling – New Bear Skin Rug – My Shadow is Haunting Me – Stop the Greedy Gluttons
    • Injured Minotaurs Below Chlera
    • Those evil Shadow Spiders
    • Rock Trolls Near Josody
    • Secrets of Vampire Bats
    • Slay the Sand Golems
  • Increased exp given for scroll quests
  • Set min level req to take scroll quests (except lowest 2 scrolls)
  • Bear Skin Rug scroll quest (for npc “Raff” in LSP) is now functional
  • Added fail conf for marsh dungeon quest where it was missing on stage 8
  • More pointer text in quest npcs on marsh dungeon quest for final stage


  • Elven Tools will increase arrow output by flat quant of 5


  • Removed ability for creatures to spawn followers if they are a follower (Deadwillows, Ice Golem, Golem, Slimes, Skeletal mage)
  • Added solo great light encounter to marsh dungeon and bumped up Great Light chance to spawn in trash chunks w normal marsh lights to help with the spawn

The Junk Drawer

  • Valinor was missing some music regions on the above ground map on coastlines/pond borders
  • Increased max syllable of each race/gender to 4 from 3 – enjoy longer, more silly names
  • Fix for random name generator – when no names were available had no way to exit and caused server to hang
  • Reverted change to targeting limitation; should not drop target immediately when leaving play area
  • Encounters not recalc/respawning at times and would become empty, then respawn at once and be a world of pain

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