Ashen Empires October 29 Update

Patch 10.29.2022

A small patch to correct the issue with the Great Pumpkin’s drop rules that crashed the server, plus some adjusts to level requirements of some high level weapons.


  • Removed no drop on jack o lantern blade, gave small blade req of 65
  • Typo in druid staff summoning wyverns
  • Fix for tooltip of raider poisoned short sword
  • Adjusted level req of following high level weaps:


  • Sword of Agon’s Fervor
  • Spell Slinger
  • Necromancers channel
  • Staff of Prismatic Waves
  • Northern Cleric’s Staff
  • Northern Wizard’s Staff


  • The Laughing Blade
  • Spearslinger Crossbow
  • Thirsty Blade
  • Warmage’s Fury
  • Bow of Terror
  • Sling of Nature’s Wrath


  • Ghoul Blade
  • Battleblood Axe
  • Thrakk’s Tribute
  • Wyvern’s Tooth
  • Glaive of Contagion
  • Bow of Darkening Skies


  • Claws of the Northern Wastes
  • Crossbow of the Northern Wastes
  • Druid’s Staff
  • Gloves of the Giantess
  • Infectious Voulge


  • Crystal Guardians now ethereal, social with pallus
  • Adjusted summoned wyvern to lose ranged attack and gain 3 radius melee attack instead, will still cast

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