Ashen Empires Agriculture Update

Today’s update is the first of many updates to our crafting system – grab your shovel and get dirty! Even if you have maxed Planting, Foraging, (and Harvesting?? You psycho!) you can still enjoy playing through a new quest line which takes you on a journey across the lands of Dransik, starting in Silvest and traveling through many areas of Mainlands with a stop at each expansion! Help save the kingdom with the power of 🌿P L A N T S!🌿 We had a great time writing this quest line and hope you enjoy it as well!

In addition to the quest line, which features some unique new items for farming (and a few just for fun!), we got our hands dirty and retooled the progression for farming and foraging.

Here is an overview of the changes:

  • Greater experience for planting seeds vs fruits (and updated exp on planting depending on difficulty; more difficult seeds/crops give more experience)
  • Grow more crops using fertilizer! To make fertilizer, start with an empty bucket. Add to it ground shells or bones. Use certain bones, triddle shells and various other insect shells in a mill to grind them (list of items that can make bone meal will be expanded in future, currently skeletal skulls and skeleton pirate fragments). Plant this and dig up your fertilizer! Using it on freshly planted seeds will increase your base yield! Try to add more things to the slop to make it richer!
  • Increased resale value of crops (need some gold? Get digging!)
  • Cash Crops: Chance to grow some cash crops which sell for more than normal: Barrel of Apples, Prize Tomato, and the rare White or Black rose.
  • New items which decrease digging time or decrease planting time
  • Certain growing conditions favor different crops: Some crops grow more quickly in certain parts of the world
  • NEW RESOURCE: Wild Mushrooms and Mushroom Steaks (requires level 45 to harvest Wild Mushrooms, 55 to forage for Raw Mushroom Steaks) (edited)

The Farming Quest
The quests start with an NPC named Stratton in the Silvest Farm shop. You must progress through this entire questline and the ones following to reach the “Master” quest. NOTE: This is NOT the “master of all” quest. So do not think you have to get 2500 kills in each category (though maybe it’s not a bad idea to work on that anyways hmm? ). Even if you “hate quests and tradeskills” I hope you check it out!

There are 25 quests in this entire quest line with some lovely rewards await those who are able to complete it!

Most quests involve growing something, killing something, and looking for something. If you get stuck, go talk to the NPC!

Other Changes (It’s a really big junk drawer)

  • Check out the newly revamped Amnon Vre dungeon!
  • A new low level dungeon near Whisperdale – the Marsh Dungeon! This was a collaborative effort between my son and I. Speak to NPC Legrant on the south side of Whisperdale to start this quest to access this dungeon!
  • Patrons now reward well up to level 50 (then xp drops off; previous was 43)
  • Added randomness to lich prince’s timer
  • Typo in crystal orb quest
  • Adjust to Runic Priest spells
  • Small text adjustment on Addie’s text when she gives wine recipe
  • Dolas fern now requires level 35 instead of 45 to forage
  • Adjust to Mnemnon spawn – added small skeles, reduced chance on undead priest level 55 encounter
  • Adjusted zebra skinning quest to require only level 45
  • Fix for faction req to enter crim gate under BFD
  • Fix for Mage Trainer quest – Treba npc quest now branched to show which creature type to kill
  • Removed degrade on tradeskill tools for new players
  • Added Check for Remedy so it can’t be immediately recast
  • Adjust to Tyrian set stats (inc DEX/INT, + SOUL, varying resist additions/changes)
  • Beekeeper set stat adjust (level orb reqs down, added stats, harvesting bonus)
  • Ghost of Lotor resists updated

This was a long 5 months and there could be a few other small changes which slipped by but if we discover them we will update this list.

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