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Ashen Empires Newsletter - September 2007
Ashen Empires Newsletter
The Next Expansion
At the Developer Q&A that was held in July, a few players mentioned something about the sea and boats...well, it seems that all that commotion got our attention over here at IWG. I'm very excited to announce that we've just started breaking ground on the next AE expansion. The details of the expansion are still being finalized. What's in it, you ask? Islands to discover, sea monsters to battle, underwater dungeons to explore, and more!
Name That Expansion
Warm up those sea legs, mateys, because it's time for a contest! We'd like to invite our community to submit names for the next expansion which will have a sea theme. You can access the thread (which started last Wednesday) on this forum thread. The winner will receive the expansion free of charge.
Dev Bio - Zarquon
This is the first in a series of bios on the developers of IWG starting with a dev that has been working Ashen Empires and the world of Dransik since 1996. What makes him tick? What games does he play? What does he do here at IWG? Find out today!
AE Wallpapers
In addition to some other changes to the website, you may now access the Wallpapers section of the AE website. There are two new wallpapers up and more will be added periodically.
Bug Reporting
Want to submit a bug? You can post on the forums under bugs or problems, but the best way is to use the IWG Bug Reporter. You can access the bug reporter here on the web. One nifty feature is that it also lets you make suggestions.



Player Spotlight

Player Spotlight number 8 is here! This week the lucky two are Hassassin from L and Clara Smith from H.

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