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Ashen Empires May 2009 Newsletter
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Ashen Empires Newsletter
May 1, 2009


Dungeons of Dransik Testing Begins!
Have you heard? The next expansion for Ashen Empires is on the way, and it's going to be one of the most ground-breaking additions to the game to-date! Dungeons of Dransik will give you the power to create your own custom Ashen Empires adventures. Make maps for free in the Content Creator then share your adventure in-game! This is going to be an exciting time in the history of the game that you won't want to miss out on.

Open testing for the Content Creator is scheduled to begin today. When you log in to the launcher, you'll see Ashen Empires Test. It won't be up, but you can patch and get the Content Creator. This is the editor that you will use to make maps. The test server will not be open for uploading maps until the following week. (Read more)

Great New Deals
Two new store products, the Adventure Pack and the Dungeon Crawler, are available for you on the Secure Site Store! These are specially discounted offers on some of the hottest products in the store.

Last call for PVP Council
Another PVP Council is underway right now. If you are interested in the direction of PVP combat in Ashen Empires, this is the last call for you to join the Council. PVP Council members will be admitted to the test server where we will be evaluating changes to PVP, resistances, looting and temp rules, and other important PVP topics. The test server for PVP testing will open next week, so if you want to participate don't wait and please read this forum post.

If you love Ashen Empires and have an iPhone or iPod touch (or know someone who does), this one's for you: On April 11th Pixel Mine and Iron Will Games released Underworlds for the Apple iTunes Store. Underworlds is the premiere fantasy adventure game on the iPhone/iPod Touch and has already received critical acclaim from reviewers around the world! Read more on the Underworlds website.

About Iron Will Games
Founded in 2004, Iron Will Games is an independent game development studio located in Austin, Texas.
For more information, please visit www.ironwillgames.com.

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