Ashen Empires
Using the Store
The Ashen Empires Exchange is an in game store that lets players purchase expansions, character modifications, items, and more using tokens. Tokens are available to purchase from the Pixel Mine Store.

Here's a quick walkthrough that explains how to use the Ashen Empires Exchange.

The 0 Hotbar (Press 0 to bring it up)
To access the in game store, simply type /store in the chat dialog OR click on the coin icon in your top navigation bar (hit the number 0 to bring up the navigation bar if you've closed it).

The Ashen Empires Exchange (type /store to bring it up)

Next, you'll see a window appear that is titled "Ashen Empires Exchange." The various tabs on the top of the store (labeled All, Subscriptions, Expansions, Characters, and Items) will sort items into categories to make selection easier.

After selecting an item, as I've done with the "Boost Alignment" item, the store will bring up the item's description at the bottom of the item list. To purchase the item, simply click on "Buy" located at the bottom of the window. Shortly you will see how many you have available to use next to the item's price. The store also tells you the expiration date if one exists for that product.

To use the item, simply select it in the store window and click "Use" which is located at the bottom of the window. Some products will automatically be used, such as the Map Reveal. Other products will appear in a Store Purchase Chest in your backpack.

If you need to purchase more tokens, like me in the example above, click the "Buy Tokens" button to open a browser window to the Pixel Mine Store. "Details" will tell you more about the item, if there is more information than can be displayed in the store window. You can also give tokens to other players from the Ashen Empires Exchange.

Contact support with an email or support ticket if you are having trouble purchasing or using a product. We'll be happy to assist you!

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