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Service Change
As of April 1, 2008, IWG handed off management and maintenance of the launcher, secure site, and community forums to Pixel Mine Games. IWG still owns and developes Ashen Empires and Dransik Classic.

In most cases you will not notice a change to your service aside from the look and feel; everything should function as it used to under IWG. However, there are a few things you need to do if you have recently returned to Ashen Empires or Dransik and need to transition to these new systems. Please follow the instructions below.

If you are experiencing any difficulties switching to the new systems, please do not hesitate to contact support which is still under the direction of GM Wintergreen.

Upgrade to the Pixel Mine Launcher

The Pixel Mine Launcher functions exactly the same way as the IWG launcher. The only change is that now, Windows 98 Users do not need to use a separate launcher. Please follow the directions below to upgrade to the Pixel Mine Launcher:
  • Download the Pixel Mine Installer
  • Run the installer, which will add the Pixel Mine Launcher
  • Copy your game folders from IWG to Pixel Mine (walkthrough)***
  • Start the Pixel Mine Launcher
  • Log in using the same IWG log in credentials and play
***IMPORTANT: Once you have downloaded the Pixel Mine Launcher, we recommend that you manually move your user files to the new Pixel Mine folder in order to preserve you configuration settings. To do this, you will need to move the Ashen Empires / Dransik folders that are located in the Iron Will Games folder to the Pixel Mine folder. If not, you will have to patch these game files again and will lose any custom settings.

Switch to the new forums

Pixel Mine is now hosting the official Ashen Empires community forums. The IWG boards were open for some time after the switch and have since been closed to be read-only. The big difference is that game accounts are now tied to forum accounts. The new forums are also much more secure than the previous ones. To post on the new forums, please follow these instructions:
  • Log in to the Pixel Mine Secure Site
  • Click on "Account" tab
  • Choose "Edit"
  • Reserve your forum name and click "Update"
  • Click on the "Forums" tab
You can bookmark the Ashen Empires forums and log in there if you do not wish to see the other game forums. There are also several skin choices located in the bottom left of the forums to change the look and feel.

Switch to the new Customer Site

The Pixel Mine Secure Site is the website that you will use to update your account information, purchase tokens, and view your character information. Everything you could do on the IWG secure site can be done at the Pixel Mine site.

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Commonly asked questions

Q. Why did this happen?
A. This distribution deal was made between Iron Will Games and its sister company Pixel Mine Games. The goal is to not only provide you with better service by integrating multiple games together, but to also give you more choices. We feel that this move is in the long-term best interest of the games.
Q. How is this different than the Manifesto Games distribution?
A. This distribution is different than the one offered by Manifesto Games because Manifesto just offers a download, whereas in this agreement all payment/billing, accounts, forums, and the launcher are managed by Pixel Mine.
Q. Did IWG sell the game to Pixel Mine?
A. No. This is just a distribution agreement. Iron Will Games still owns and maintains the game and game servers.
Q. Do I have to download the game again?
A. No. Please follow the walkthrough steps above exactly. DO NOT RUN the Pixel Mine Launcher until you have copied your AE/DC game files over to the new launcher folder.
Q. Have my payment options changed?
A. Pixel Mine Games supports the same token purchase system using credit cards, money orders, and PayByCash. The only change to the payment options is that instead of using the Iron Will Games PayByCash site, you will now use the Pixel Mine Games PayByCash site to start new subscriptions and token purchases.
Q. What email do I use now for support?
A. We have not removed any support email addresses, just added one more for you to reach us at: support@pixelminegames. GM Wintergreen is still in charge of support for IWG and now also maintains support for Pixel Mine Games.
Q. I'm having a hard time moving to the new systems, who can I ask for help?
A. Support is always here to help you. Feel free to send us an email or submit a support ticket. For immediate assistance, please view the Customer Support page at the Pixel Mine Site.

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