Ashen Empires
In-Game Help
A GM In-game help may be obtained using the Help menu (press ESC key), asking in server channels, or by alerting a GM. GM stands for Game Moderator. They can assist you if you're being harrassed, you suspect another player of cheating, or if you're stuck, and cannot find what to do in the game Help manual.

You can tell GM from a regular player by the (*GM) and Star tag infront of their name, or their usual attire of a large, god-like sprite (as seen to the right).

You may page a GM to ask for assistance by pressing ESC, Selecting Game Options, then Summon GM. Describe your problem as fully as possible. NOTE: it may take a bit for your page to be answered...calls for assistance are answered in order of when they are sent. An average of 4500 pages was answered in 2008.

Developers, or DEV's are indicated by the tag (*DEV) prefixing their name, or the god-like sprite as described above. If you see/hear a DEV around, they may also be able to assist you if you're stuck, although they may refer you to a Game Moderator.

If a GM or Developer is not available, you should try asking your question in the forums or with a support ticket.

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