Ashen Empires
The following Player created web sites contain a wide variety of information about Ashen Empires. Over the years, however, some fansites have been maintained while others have fallen behind. Due to the large amount of enhancements made to Ashen Empires, the following fansites have been sorted into "Active" and "Inactive" lists. The inactive sites still contain some very useful information, but again please keep in mind that the inactive sites may be outdated.

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Aaron Korr's Realm of Ashen Empires
A large site with a wealth of game information about magic, armor, weapons, trade skills, a bestiary, maps, quests, and much more. Run by Aaron Korr.

Player Auctions of items and equipment. Learn the latest prices and item information. Run by Telarin.

AE Guides
A site that catalogs the various fansites and shows when they have been updated. Run by Arundel.

AE Quest Guides
A few quest walkthroughs for quests divided into Valinor, Talazar's Revenge, and Sands of Creation quests. Run by Hefeweizen.
Maps, guides, guild information, a Wiki, and other misc. information brought to you by some members of The Imperial Order of the Rose Guild.

Ashen Empires@覚書きWiki
Ashen Empires @ Oboegaki Wiki. A Wiki about Ashen Empires in Japanese.

The Circle
Crafting tables, screenshot guides, and locations provided by The Circle guild (Dagar, Blamina, Copperfox, and others).

DaOpa's Game Info & Databases
Tradeskill oriented site with information on resources, recipes, and tools for the various tradeskills.

Dragoneer's Den
(Now maintained by Reikoshea) A comprehensive trade skill help, guides, and other information. Contributions from Jin Roh, Grat Rochord and other members of the long standing Dragoneer's guild.

GameFAQs Guides
A small collection of miscellaneous FAQs and quest guides by various contributors.
A large wealth of information including more recent additions such as Factions and Boats. Run by dragonfly.

LoL Guild Page
The home of the LoL Guild also includes tradeskill information and recipes.

Lords of Dransik Quest Guides
Quest spoilers, hints, and tips brought to you by Scarlet Phoenix, with help from the Lords of Dransik Guild and Valgarv.

Pixel Mine Server Status
Bassbounce's site reports the status of Pixel Mine websites/forums/launcher, the AE site, and both AE servers.

Time and Date Finder
An outside resource not associated with Ashen Empires. Use this to convert Central Standard Time to your timezone for events, server maintenance, and other occasions.


AE Dev Said
An Ashen Empires fan-made news site focusing on the AE Developers. Run by Nwellyn.

Davey's Monster Drop List
Monster Drop List and Item Database. Run by Davey.

The Heroes Inn
A fansite that hosts its own forums as well as several projects such as a Quest Database and Spawn Map, run by Tempester.

Silca's Guides
Spell chart, recipe guide, various formula calculations and comparisons and other misc. information.

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