Ashen Empires
Will you aid Lotor in the battle to restore order and peace to the world of Dransik or will you cast your lot with the rogue armies of the great fallen Rune Warrior, Talazar? Or, perhaps you will claim allegiance to no master and follow your own path.

You may pledge your allegiance to one of three factions, the Lotorian, Talazarian, or neutral faction. These groups of like minded adventurers war for control over the lands of Dransik, using their cunning, power, and courage to sway towns to their side.

Joining a faction
By default you are born into the world with neutrality. To join a new faction, you must prove your loyalty through a series of quests from a high ranking officer in each faction.

Faction officers reside in Lotor's Summer Palace, which can be accessed through various portals in major cities. Speak to them and follow their instructions. Once you have proven yourself they will accept you into their faction. The color of your name will reflect your new faction.

Why join a faction? Faction members automatically receive bonuses of the cities their faction currently holds. Factioned members (non-neutral) also receive a bonus +5% to experience gain!

Changing Factions
If you decide you have fallen in with the wrong crowd, so to speak, you can change your faction at any point by accepting quests from faction officers. Turning coat from Lotorian to Talazarian or vice versa is not possible; Faction officers for Lotor and Talazar will not talk to you if you are not neutral or of their faction.

City Sieges
City Sieges are a tumultuous event; they change the faction alignment of a city so that the opposing side cannot speak with NPCs in that town or enter the town without the risk of being attacked and jailed by town guards.

Each town is protected by a Town Guardian, a huge golden knight. Attacking this figure will trigger the siege. If the Town Guardian is killed in battle, the victors claim the town for their own and all members of the faction automatically gain the town bonus.

Below are the bonuses given by each capturable town:
Town Bonus 1 Bonus 2
Arda +6% Blunt +5 STR
Chlera +5% Pierce +5 DEX
Darkfell +1.5 Stamina Regen +3 INT
Darushk +3% Cut +3% Arrow
Dawat +2% Poison +3 STR
Desprail +4% Disease +5 STR
Dunmarrow +4% Cut +5 CON
Duremar +3% Soul +3 CON
Ethera Palace +7% Magic Missile +5 INT
Grell +1.5 Stamina Regen +3% Body
Gulley +2% Nature +3 CON
Hammerfist +6% Poison +5 DEX
Hothbra +2% Mind +3 CON
Jeel +4 CON +4 INT
Josody +7 CON +5% Health Regen
Lopal +5% Soul +5 DEX
Maroven +8 STR +1.5 Stamina Regen
New Royale +5 DEX +5 INT
Parian +5% Health Regen +1.5 Stamina Regen
Redwake +4% Poison +4 DEX
Syldural +4% Disease +5% Health Regen
Teylan +3% Nature +4 DEX
Varg +3% Pierce +4 STR
Vrethpool +4% Mind +5 INT

Faction Points & Rank
By proving your loyalty and willingness to do battle for your side, you can gain rank as well as special faction points. To earn points you must either defeat players of the opposing faction (1 point) or participate in a successful town siege (10 points). Bonus points are awarded when you defeat someone from the opposing faction while on PVP Island.

Faction Rankings, calculated daily and available on the Statistics page, are not simply numbers but a reflection of loyalty to a faction. To see your ranking, press E to bring up your player character screen. You can see the ranking of other players by right clicking them to bring up their player character screen. If you decide to pledge with a faction your previous accomplishments and legacy in the faction will be erased from memory.

Faction Dungeons
There are three faction dungeons which will send followers of that faction on a dangerous, exciting journey to help their faction inflict damage on the other faction. Talazarian followers should speak with the Digmaster in New Korelth, and Lotorians should meet with Captain Renwood who resides in the royal chambers of Lotor's Summer palace.

Faction PVP
Factions affect some wanted and drop rules. The complete PVP ruleset can be found here.

PVP Flag
Neutral faction players have the option of turning on/off their PVP Flag (type "/pvp on" or "/pvp off"). The PVP Flag allows you to attack/be attacked by any factioned player or neutral players with PVP on.

The flag can be turned on by typing "/pvp" or "/pvp on" while in a SAFE ZONE. Once you reach level 106, your PVP Flag will be turned on forever. Entering PVP Zones will also cause your flag to turn on.

To turn your PVP Flag OFF, enter a SAFE ZONE and wait one hour from the time you flagged ON, then type "/pvp off" or "/pvp."

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