Ashen Empires
Combat in Ashen Empires is similar to many games in that the strategy you will use in combat depends on the monsters you are fighting, your weapons/armor, and your skill set. Unlike many other games, however, there is no limit to the number of skills you may train. The orb build you choose will determine which skills you excel at. (Read more about orbs). Press "K" to bring up a list of all skills.

Basic Commands

Key Description
B Opens your backpack which is where you carry equipment with you.
E Opens the Player Screen which shows your equipment and stats such as orbs, level, resistances, to hit, and dps.
F Opens the Follower menu which is where you direct NPCs under your control.
M This opens the world map which shows you where you are, where you died, and the location of party members
P The Party menu lets you manage your party if you are the leader, invite other players to a party, and set up loot/gold drop options.
Q Enter Attack Mode. You must be in attack mode to attack. Your arrow will change from green to red to signal you have turned on attack mode.
T Target Protection. Target protection "On" will prevent you from attacking NPCs, other players, and friendly animals (hostile creatures have red names). Press "T" to turn off target protection. See the Alignment page for more information on what will happen to your character's alignment if you choose to attack friendly creatures.
V This opens the Rune Case/SpellBook. The Rune Case is where you place runes to cast spells. The Spell Book holds all spells which you must drag to a hotbar before casting.

Melee combat includes all non-magical combat. To attack a creature, first make sure that you have a weapon equipped. If you are firing a ranged weapon such as a sling, a bow, or crossbow, make sure you have the right ammunition equipped. Simply click on the weapon / ammo in your backpack that you wish to equip. Press "Q" to enter attack mode then left click the creature select it; the frame should now be red. Once you have selected it you must be within range for your weapon of choice.

The red frame around the dragon indicates that I am now targeting it.
An example of a player with a weapon and ammunition equipped.
I have a lance equipped

There are many types of weapons you can use in battle. The more you train with a particular weapon type or spell class, the more damage you will deal with that weapon. You can even fight with no weapon if you are truly brave. Below is a table of the combat skills you can train and examples of the types of weapons that can be used with that skill.

Bows Various bows
Crossbows Crossbows, darts
Thrown Weapons Various Slings
First Aid Bandages
Melee Combat
Axes Axes, halberds, pole axes, picks, cleavers
Blunt Weapons Flails, mauls, clubs, hammers
Large Blades Swords, rapiers, sabres, scimitars
Mage Weapons Wands, staffs, sceptres,
Polearms Battle staffs, spears, glaives, lances, tridents
Small Blades Dagger, dirk, falchion, stiletto, poignard, gladius
Unarmed Combat Nothing, brass knuckles, bracers, tekko, kempo gloves


Spell casting in Ashen Empires is divided among four schools of magic: Body, Mind, Nature, and Soul.

First, equip a mage weapon by clicking it in your backpack. These are usually wands or staffs. Each wand or staff has different numbers of rune slots. Low level wands have one or two slots, but high level wands can have up to 8 rune slots. Press "V" to bring up your rune case to see how many slots you have. Using the picture below as an example, my staff has 5 slots.

The rune case for a staff with 5 rune slots
The rune case for a staff with 5 rune slots

As you flip through the spell book (also opened by pressing "V") you'll notice that spells usually have a level and rune requirement. For example, I want to cast the spell Recharge (pictured below). It's a spell in the Mind class that requires 5 runes and at least level 40 in Mind magic to be cast. First, drag a Rune of Mind (class rune) to the first slot of the rune case. Next, drag four secondary runes into the rune case. Secondary runes are any non-class rune. There are only for class runes, one for each school of Magic: Rune of Body, Rune of Mind, Rune of Nature, and Rune of Soul. You can find runes from creatures you kill or buy them from mage shops.

The Spell Book
The Spell Book turned to a page of Mind magic spells

A Rune Case with 5 runes
A Rune Case with 5 runes equipped - 1 Rune of Mind and 4 secondary runes

Last, drag the spell icon from the Spell Book to a Hotkey Bar. If you have the correct runes and weapon equipped, the spell will not be greyed out and you can cast. You do not need to be in attack mode to cast. Just press the icon or corresponding F# to choose, and then target the creature. You can see below that Recharge is in the F4 slot.

A Hotkey Bar with Mind spells
A Hotkey Bar with Mind spells ready to be cast

Here are a few spells associated with the four magic classes. Click on the Magic class to see forum information with a list of all spells, what each spell does, and other requirements to cast them.
Body Resurrect, Protect, Major Healing, Fortify, Might, Mage Storm, Smite, Holy Strike,
Mind Brain freeze, Calm, Ice Shock, Insanity, Recharge, Mind Flay, Paralyze, Smashing Fist
Nature Bless Fields, Ignite, Repair Wood, Speed of the Deer, Ensnare, Venom, Thunder Bolt
Soul Faith, Soulburn, Vitality, Gloom, Leech, Soul Melt, Blood Harvest, Degrade, Raise the Dead


High level players with the Tides of Fate expansion may train and use feats. Read more about Feats.

Advanced Skills

Advanced Skills are available if you have purchased the Talazar's Revenge expansion. You need to be level 105 and up to gain advanced skills. To gain an advanced skill, first speak with the Trainer of that skill. It costs 250,000 gold to learn the skill and can only be leveled using experience pool.

Advanced Skills Description Trainer Locations
Block Chance to block an attack with a shield Meroven, Duremar, Syldural
Critical Blast Chance to do increased damage with offensive spells Duremar, Syldural
Critical Heal Chance to heal more HP with healing spells and first aid Hammerfist, Meroven
Critical Hit Chance to critically hit your target with a melee or ranged attack Meroven, Duremar, Syldural
Dodge Chance to dodge an attack Hammerfist, Ringhaven Citadel, Syldural
Double Attack Chance to hit twice with a melee or ranged attack Valmond, Teylan, Syldural
Extended Duration Increases the length of damage or healing over time spells

Hotkey Bars

The hotkey bars allow you to quickly use spells, weapons, potions, feats, and other items. Your basic command bar (type "0" as in zero to bring this up) contains major commands such as view character, view spell book, and so on. You cannot change this bar, but there are 9 other bars (toggled on/off with keys 1-9) that you can customize.

First you must have a hotkey bar open and selected. Press 1 - 9 to open these bars. The selected bar dispalys F1-F12 (in the example below it is bar 2). To set an item/spell/feat to a hotkey, drag it to the bar. Once the bar is selected, hit the F# key for that item. In the example below, if I want to equip my Sword of a Thousand Truths (F1 in the #2 bar) I just press F1.

You can change the orientation of your hotkey bars. Drag a horizontal bar to the right side of the screen to change it to a vertical alignment, and drag a vertical bar to the bottom of the screen to change it to a horizontal alignment.

Pressing ALT, CTRL, or SHIFT will bring up new bars for keys 1-9. In total there are 28 bars; 27 plus the basic 0 bar.

You can set chat commands for your hotkeys. For example, right click an empty slot and choose "Edit." This will bring up a box with four lines. You can type in various commands that will run once you press the hotkey. For example:

[Line 1]/ch test:Check out this %t
[Line 2]/attack

This will send text to the "test" chat channel that tells anyone in that channel to check out whatever you are targeting and then it sends you into attack mode. If I am targeting a triddle (by hovering over it or selecting it) that will say: Check out this triddle

You cannot use items that are no longer in your backpack. They will remain in the hotkey but are grayed out (in the example below, my potion of plant growth, a tunic, and a cestus are no available). You also cannot swap weapons or armor unless you have space in your backpack.

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